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To serve healthcare partners by providing solutions and support to optimize the healthcare of patients


To be a preferred partner for healthcare entities wanting an innovative partner in healthcare delivery and business development


  • Trust

  • Expertise

  • Compassion

  • Family


Honaker Health LLC was created in 2021 when Dr. Honaker left the corporate healthcare sector to become a full-time entrepreneur. The company started out with Dr. Honaker providing consulting support for startups in the healthcare arena as well as ongoing executive support in the realm of strategic planning, business development, and executive coaching. Given Dr. Honaker's enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit and wide network, the company continues to expand its footprint while working with academic centers, small for-profit startups, and larger nonprofit establishments. His clients most value his unique perspective and experience as an MD with real-life experience in various business settings, allowing him to generate a multitude of solutions and provide credible resources. 

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